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Virtual Schwartz Rounds

Fostering compassion, connection, and community

Providing nurses an opportunity amid fast-paced, stressed work lives to openly and honestly discuss the social and emotional issues they face in caring for patients and families.

By discussing the human dimensions of care, the premise is that caregivers will be better able to make personal connections with patients and colleagues and have greater insight into their own responses and feelings.

How do Virtual Schwartz Rounds (VSR) Work?

Utilizing two facilitators to guide discussion, the sessions have a prescribed format where two nurse panelist share their story around a theme that spurs discussion between those in attendance. These one-hour sessions are remote and take place online using zoom.

They provide a forum for connecting with nursing colleagues facing challenging experiences while trying to care for themselves and others. They are opportunities to connect with one another about difficult or uplifting experiences, to offer and to receive support, and to decrease a sense of isolation.

Who should attend: This program is designed for nurses.

To Date: We have hosted 91 sessions for 5818 nurses across NJ. VSR are free of charge and offer 1 contact hour for each session.

Discussion: We have provided a safe space to discuss a broad range of topics.

Some recent topics include: Graceful Gratitude: Acknowledging Micro-Moments, The Power of Purpose: Discovering Your Pathway in Nursing, Voices from the Frontlines: Stories of Workplace Violence in Nursing and Advocacy in Action: School Nurses Leading Difficult Discussions.

Anticipated Outcomes

Improve the management of work-related stress

Reduce isolation and enhance mechanisms for crisis management

Create support networks from colleagues and peers

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